Private one-on-one instruction for piano or harp
Congratulations on your first step into the world of creating music!
I have been teaching piano and harp since 1995 to students of all ages and a wide range of levels.
My mission as a piano teacher and harp teacher is to provide a well-rounded and balanced music education. I strive for my students to learn the theory and history behind the music, to be good readers of the notes on the page as well as being good listeners, and to be challenged while still keeping enthusiasm for learning alive.
I teach beginning through advanced levels, and a variety of different musical styles that are tailored to the individual student's interests and personal goals.
What Makes My Studio Special?
  • Students learn not just piano skills, but also some history and theory behind the music that they are playing
  • Students learn to be strong music readers as well as using listening skills, so they can become more independent musicians moving forward into the future
  • Students are introduced to new styles of music, as well as finding their favorites to incorporate into their music education
  • I make use of technology to provide additional learning opportunities, such as music notereading apps, online learning aids, and online lessons via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.
Recital, December 2017
Recital, December 2018
Zoom piano lesson, 2021
New music day, 2014
First lesson day! 2019
with piano education guru Randall Faber at a teacher workshop, August 2017

Benefits of Music Study

Benefits of Music Study
The study of music has proven benefits for all ages. Besides providing a creative outlet and fostering creativity, the many benefits of music lessons can apply to all aspects of life.
For children, the study of music provides various proven cognitive benefits. It improves math & counting, reading comprehension, language skills, and hand/eye coordination. It teaches discipline, focus, concentration, and time management. Children can expand their cultural knowledge with exposure to different sounds, styles and types of music. The sense of accomplishment from learning and/or performing is a major self-esteem booster. Music is also a great activity to "unplug" from all the electronics in kid's lives these days!
For adults, the study of music is a great stress reliever! It also helps in keeping brain processing and memory active. Adult students may have had previous lessons at a young age and discontinued, or they want to pursue a lifelong desire to learn music and never had the opportunity until now. It is NEVER too late! My adult students are surprised at how quickly they can make progress, regardless of any prior musical training.

Virtual lessons

Virtual Lessons
I also offer music lessons with Zoom or FaceTime, so you can take lessons with me from any location!

This is a great option for people who are out of the area. It's also convenient for people to fit lessons into a busy schedule, because there's no driving involved!

If you have not tried virtual lessons before, I encourage you to give it a try. You may be surprised how well it might work out for you.



Private lessons are held one-on-one, once per week. Tuition is paid once a month, at the beginning of the first class.

Lessons have options of 30-minute, 45-minute, or 1 hour lengths. Lesson length depends on age and level; I can help you decide what is best.

  • 30-minute lesson: $40
  • 45-minute lesson: $55
  • 60-minute lesson: $70